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BBM for Windows Phone – Install BBM on your Windows Phone

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10/10 working well on my lumia
working on my htc windows phone
I can't believe you have this for my windows phone
thank you so much! working on my phone as well
I really love it! thanks. I also use the PC version of yours

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  1. How do I download the application?

  2. Of course you need to click the download button. Then complete an offer and it will let you download and install BBM on your phone. I got mine installed and now using it. I’m very happy that someone shared and make this possible for windows phone. Working in my windows 7 phone.

  3. Can you help me how to complete the offer, i dont understand, i used lumia 620

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I’m now using it in my Lumia. Installed successfully after completing an offer.

  5. Hello

    i have tried severally to download bbm as directed above on my Lumia 820 but failed, kindly direct me on how to download it.

    Also how do i download Tango on my Lumia, this phone apps is seriously discouraging.

    ur urgent response/attention will be appreciated.


  6. thank you very much for this! I can now enjoy BBM in my Nokia Lumia

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