GTA 5 for Android

GTA 5 for android (Android Version 3.1 or Higher).
Download, Install & Start playing Grand Theft Auto 5 in less than 10 minutes in your Android Phone!!!
NO complicated process like most of the websites are providing.

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  1. Click the Download Button.
  2. Complete the Required Steps..
  3. Download and Install.
  4. Open the GTA 5 Application.
  5. Play GTA 5 in your phone.
  6. Enjoy!

It’s simple as that! Isn’t it? ;)

Grand Theft Auto V Features:

  • Golf - Players will be able to partake in competitive golf games throughout the game, and one can only assume that this will be extended to the online multiplayer mode. There will be of course more than one golf course, and we assume the scores can be posted online for other players to compete.
  • Buying a new pet when your old one dies - Your dog can die in GTA 5, as sad as it seems, you can lose your dog, but there are options to buy new ones at a pet store. So if you lose a dog in a fire fight or traffic accident, head on down to the pet store and take your pick. There may be a variety of pets to choose from. It all depends on how much cash you have.
  • Realistic Destruction - Of course it’s a long shot to ask for completely destructible environments. But you can expect walls to be damaged  and bullet riddled shops and cars in GTA 5. As we have already seen in the gameplay trailer, when a car smashes into a wall, it crumbles into different pieces as it’s expected to.
  • Characters will carry on with their lives when you don’t control them - The characters will go about their lives the moment you don’t control them. Each character will go about their own business across Los Santos and the moment you select them, you will find them doing that activity they were doing, when you were not controlling them. This feature in Grand Theft Auto 5 5 is pretty cool as the character finds something to do, rather than staying static at one place.
  • Large action set pieces inspired by movies - The action set pieces of GTA V are completely insane. At one point you drive a van through the open cargo door of a plane flying over Los Santos. You can leap out of the van door to open your parachute. The possibilities are quite a lot, there is no telling how far you can go with awesome action set pieces. It’s all about using your creativity and making memorable moments.
  • Fictitious cult making an appearance - GTA 5 will make fun of a cult. Previous GTA games talk about Epsilon Program, a parody of pay-to-be-saved cults, aimed squarely at Scientology. Hope Tom Cruise doesn’t get too upset.
  • Los Santos includes country sides - The city of Los Santos won’t always be full of lights and cars; there are places where you can escape to, namely the countryside. The countryside has a lot to offer which includes rivers, wind farms, farmhouses, mountains and enormous redwood trees. Just imagine the amount of exploration the player can do through the woods. May it will hold some strange secrets? We shall know soon enough.

And a lot more exciting features. This version is for android version and only limited people have this as of now. So hurry up and grap yours.